About LEF

Leo Europa Forum (LEF) is the annual European Leo Convention. Leos from all over Europe and the Mediterranean countries come together to celebrate the Leo movement, exchange ideas, help where help is needed, make new friends and get to know the host country. LEF takes place for one week (from Saturday to Saturday) in August and consists of sightseeing trips, a service activity, workshops, culinary presentation of countries and a glamorous gala night. In addition to that International Liaison Officers (ILOs) from 20 different countries meet annually at LEF.

Moreover, a Leo Europa Pre-Forum (LEPF) takes place one weekend early in the year. At this final rehearsal, the orga team introduces the hotel facilities and a selected program to a small number of participating Leos.

Program LEF

Important information

Minimum age

The minimum age for participants is 18. In order to participate, you have to turn 18 before August 19, 2023.


Free Wi-Fi is available in every part of the hotel.

COVID-19 safety

Updates to the applicable Covid-19 security measures will be communicated through our newsletters and this website. Currently, all participants are required to have a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate and bring medical/FFP2 masks.

German weather

January (LEPF) is one of the coldest months in Germany with an average temperature of -0,5°C-2°C. Make sure you are prepared for snow and rain.
August (LEF) is a very sunny month with more than 200 hours of sunshine. The average temperature is around 17°C. In the region of Baden-Württemberg, daytime temperatures of over 30°C are possible and rain can fall in the last decade of the month. So be prepared for sunny and rainy weather.

For LEF and LEPF, please bring weather appropriate clothing and shoes for outdoor activities.

CO2 compensation project

After registration, you have the oppertunity to decide if you would like to donate 10 Euros to our compensation project – efficient cook stoves for West Bengal. These cook stoves need only half as much firewood for the same amount of heat and save local trees and firewood costs for the families. They are smoke-free, prevent respiratory illness and produce valuable charcoal. The cook stoves have 50% lower CO2 emissions than open fires, saving 3 tons of carbon dioxide per year and stove. In addition, the stoves are manufactured and distributed by local companies. One cook stove costs 31€ and can equip a household.